Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sooo busy!

I haven't posted anything new for awhile, even though I have a load of finished stuff! I'm scared that the people I made the stuff for will find the blog and find out what I made them for Christmas, lol. I now have my Mom and Mother in Law's presents done, as well as my sister and sister in law's. I made a list with dates that everything has to be done by, and so far so good! I'm looking forward to the wreath decorating mommys night off on Saturday. I'll post about that, since that's not a gift for anyone. Also we planned a cookie swap for the 11th, I was hosting it here, but the invite list got HUGE so my friend offered to have it at her house, thank goodness. I'm not sure what cookie I'm going to make yet.

I'm trying to handmake atleast a portion of everybodies Christmas presents this year. So far so good.

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