Monday, February 8, 2010

New jumper for Josie

I follow the Ikat Bag blog, which I love to peices, and awhile ago she had a "winter dress tutorial" which was sooo cute. I actually happened to find a pattern in my stash that was identical to hers, from when I was little and my mom used to make some of our stuff. I just adjusted it to be a bit longer, since it's for winter.

Of course Josie "aka Minnie Mouse" had to have a mickey themed applique on it. Pardon her one sock, pajama bottoms, random shirt that doesn't match. She saw the dress and HAD to put it on RIGHT NOW.

It's only the second time I've done machine applique, it turned out better then I thought! I was terrified to start, incase I went all crooked, bumpy, and other things that can go terribly wrong. She has a bowl of necklace noodles, and her little stir fry stove in her hands, and is intently watching, what else, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".

Quite possibly the ugliest hat, but it's growing on me.....

Firstly, this isn't the ugly hat, lol, this is the bonnet type one I knit for Ellie from "Boho Baby Knits"
And some matching legwarmers... It appears to just be a normal, cute bonnet from the front, and then...... (love Ellie's pose!)

Boo! It's a sleeping baby face on the back! I LOVE this one.

This one on the other hand, looked cuter in my mind. It kind of suits my crazy Josie girl though.....