Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Halloween

I hope everybody had a great Halloween! We went to an awesome party on Friday, with all the little ones, and to the mall on Saturday, and gave out Candy that night. We don't get alot of trick-or-treaters on our side of the street since we don't have a sidewalk, and we happened to have a huuuuge puddle at the bottom of our driveway thanks to the crazy weather :(

Josie all bundled up to go out to the whole three houses we made it to. And our pumpkins, I was all tuckered out by the time we did them, so they are by far the least creative pumpkins I have ever done.

Eating her treats.

Ellie at the party in her Daisy duck costume, I used dye to do the tights yellow, and they turned out awesome!

I made her a beak, and I stuck a lolly pop in the back so she'd hold it in her mouth for pictures, lol. I didn't want to attack her little head with any more elastic, seeing as she was wearing a headband with the bow/feathers already and that was hard enough to keep on.

My last minute costume, I ended up helping a friend make her viking costume dress, so I put this off till the last minute. I bought the dress at Winners for 2 dollars on clearance in the spring, and I made the apron and sewed it on. Then I used some funky colored girls tights for the arms, and I had the knee socks already. I made the wig at 1am the night before the party, but it all turned out not to bad for a last minute effort.

All the kiddoes at the mall, we went with two other mommys, and their little cutie pies.

My friend took this picture, I love how Lunette the clown is in the background on the TV, lmao.

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