Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ladies Craft night

How exciting, to get out of the house without babies for once! We got together to make a new craft again, the last one was a month ago, far too long for me between craft nights. The hostess found a cupcake clip at some expensive boutiqe here for $10, this is maybe the size of a quarter, and decided we should all get together to make them ourselves for much cheaper! There were 5 of us and one breastfed baby who was very well behaved. I can't wait for the next one!
I was the only one to get two of each done of course, because I'm a crazy crafter, always in craft mode, and the rest of the ladies were just learning, it was still alot of fun.

Halloween costume time!!

My older girl decided Minnie Mouse would be the most exciting thing in the world to be for Halloween. So I ordered this fabric on Etsy to make her dress with (plus some owl fabric for meeee). Maybe an hour after I received this package in the mail... how exciting to get something other then bills again, I LOVE Etsy.... I was sewing away.

I looove Owls.

Josie modeling it for me to check for length and how easy it was to put on. This was after I shortened the bodice by 1 1/2 inches and the skirt by almost 3 inches. Perfect!

Ta da! I'm done already. It turned out so cute, and I made her some "poofy panties that go poof" as Josie calls them, to go underneath, lol. Now just to find some shoes to go with it, I think I'll be making them, but not till the other stinkers costume is done!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Needle felting, my very very first attempt EVER, sooo exciting!

I bought this contraption, it was the only way to get needle felting needles, without waiting forever for them to get here in the mail! I think I got ripped off, it was $22.00.... it has 5 needles in it, and a saftey thing that keeps you from poking yourself when your not using it, which is kind of nice. I took a needle out to try it that way though.

Very scary, very sharp, but so fun!

My silly girl wanted to hold the ball for the picture, I had to hold her hand still I just kept getting blurry ones.

I stole it away for a minute for a better picture, I don't know why I chose to make a blue ball with green dots.... but it's my first thing, and I'm so excited to try more!

Dyeing Sheep roving!! With Koolaid!!

I started with green, lemon lime koolaid, since green is my favorite color... here it is on the stove, you dissolve the color in warm water, rinse your roving in the sink gently, and then place it in the pot, and fill it with water just to cover. Then you bring it to almost a boil, and take it off the burner and let it sit for half an hour. You know it's done when the water is pretty well clear.

The finished green! (this was the middle of the night so, a terribly lit picture)

Then I tried "Icy blue raspberry". I was a bit worried it wouldn't work because the mix was kind of a milky color, but it still sucked all the blue out of it, and left white milky water.

The finished blue...

Both beside eachother, I think they go well. I have purple to try as well, there wasn't a very good selection at the store I went to, so I'll keep my eye out for some more colors.
I can't wait to get some needle felting needles and try it out!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Party Decor

This was the set up for the craft with the bags and felt peices.

Some finished crafts!

The paper cut out leaves I got to decorate, and a leaf garland.

The banner I made, I wrote the letters in pencil crayon, I tried to copy them from the font on her invites.

Elliebean's 1st Birthday!

I made her this cake to have with family, on her actual birthday. It says Hooo's turning 1? She took a swipe out of it, and made the best mess eating it. So sweet!

Friday, October 9, 2009

How dissapointing.... but not..

That pattern didn't turn out so hot... but on the upside, the machine works for felting! I felted my little Elliebean some bright pink slippers, which I want to needlefelt on, once I get around to dying my sheep rovings. I've started knitting Josie some dark teal ones with bright pink trim to do the same with. I don't have a pattern for either, I made it up as I went.

Ellie's party had to be rescheduled since we were all sick last week, and the guestlist went from 14 sets of friends to 5...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh felting, how I've missed you so....

Christmas of 07, I felted some Christmas gifts in our old, top loading washing machine, and then, one wash load later, it died..... so, we bought some of those fancy new, HE washing machines, and I was afraid that I couldn't felt anymore. So I haven't felted anything in almost TWO YEARS!! My M.I.L brought me some undyed sheep roving from their sheep, and so I got in a felting mood... I knit one of these slippers, and I'm waiting to see if this fancy new machine can do the job. *crossing fingers* before I knit it's friend.