Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Burger Cake for the Birthday Boy

It'll be Poppa's birthday tomorrow, and since I'll be busy all day cleaning, getting ready for his mommy to come visit and Ellie's Birthday party, I made his cake a day early.

I giant burger! I saw Bob Blumer make one he called the Schamburger on his show before, and had been waiting and waiting for a chance to make it. It's not quite the same, since I didn't have a 9" cake pan to make the brownie center in, but I like it, it's like a Wendy's hamburger now, lol.

It's got sliced almonds for the sesame seeds, the cake is carrot (Poppa's request) and the icing is a can of dunan hines cream cheese frosting, tinted a bit brown for the bun part, and left white for the mayo part. I used some Wilton fondant for the lettuce leaf. It's kind of a fast sloppy job, normally I wouldn't use a can of Icing, but oh well!

I also got a package in the mail today, I love getting things other then the bills......

It was my soap that I ordered on Etsy from Boh Bon Soap company , I can't wait till my nose works again and i can smell it!

I got a bar of kitchen soap, coffee and peppermint..... and a short stack sampler one of five kinds of spicy soaps, mmmmm.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few more recent crafts....

This is the hat to match the other one that I posted earlier, that I made for Ellie. This isn't Ellie of course, lol, it's the little sweetheart I babysit occasionally. It was a new knitting technique for me, slipped stitch color work. I found it on this free pattern on Berroco yarn, I should have taken a closer picture of it.

This is the frame I made for Ellie's friend's Birthday this past weekend. She's 6 days older then Ellie. I knit her a cupcake hat, and matching little booties when she was born, and so I thought I would continue the theme. Her party had a "cupcake" theme as well. It turned out pretty good seeing as I forgot to buy modge podge and had to make due with a glue stick and some sealer, LoL. I used a peice of scrapbook paper, it turned out to fit Just right layout wise I think. I might have to make another one of these for my little cupcakes!

My baby is turning 1!

My little Elliebean is turning 1 soon, so this weekend coming up I'm throwing her a party with all her little friends. These are the favors that I've made for her guests, which range from almost three year olds (13 of them!!) like her sister Josie, to 7 almost brand new babies - 1 year olds.

These are the invitations, I wanted a fall theme, since she doesn't have a favorite character or anything yet, I picked my favorite, lol. Pumpkins. owls, and fall colors, mmmmm.... cozy.

These are some little felt creatures Josie and me made, for glueing onto the favor bags for the older toddlers. It'll be the craft at the party, fun stuff! 13, 2 1/2 year olds with glitter glue!

Josie requested a purple cat, when she was tired of owls, squrrels, pumpkins and acorns.... It makes me laugh, I made it in like two seconds and she requested that it "look like the purple cat at the craft store" which was a sparkly halloween cat with an arched back, made out of purple garland.

My army of little owls for Ellie's smaller baby friends. There's actually two more then this, but Ellie and Josie both stole one for themselves, which was fine by me, they got the practice *not so perfect* ones.

A close up look. I did they eyes by hand, but the rest is machine stitched. Felt for the eyes, minky for the tummies, brown polar fleece for the bodies, and yellow ribbon for the beaks and feet.

The treat bags to decorate! I sewed these with fabric remnants I found in the mark down bin at Wal-mart, how convenient, I got the brown fleece for the owls there as well. Just enough of all of them to get everything done!

This is what is supposed to sort of happen, but, probably alot sparklier since they'll be using glitter glue in autumn colors I got at wal-mart. My house will be glittery for months I bet.

A close up again, with a bit of glitter glue decoration to make them not so plain.
It will be exciting, only 3 days left to get ready!! Poppa's momma, "Mimi" will be attending as well, how exciting!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rompers, knit hats, and bouncy balls

I love fall... it makes me extra crafty for some reason. Maybe because you can snuggle up on the couch and sew or knit and it's so cozy, while you watch all the season premiers on T.V.. Here are a couple of my million recent projects....

This is the easiest hat ever to knit, it turned out super cute, but I think I should have made it a tiny bit bigger.

I made this ribbon rainbow ball late one night, last minute.... It wasn't as big of a hit as I wished, of course, babies only want to play with things that they arn't supposed to really play with....

I made these for my chubby wubby 11 month old daughter, and they turned out awesome.... I still need to add buttons to the blue one, and maybe an owl applique to the purple ones. They're nice and comfy, I wish I could get away with wearing them!

My first blog ever!

I've been surfing alot of craft blogs latley, and am totally addicted. I figure maybe, just maybe somebody would be interested in seeing my crafts that I'm doing, since I'm sure interested in everybody elses, lol. Hooray for craft blogs!