Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Needle felting, my very very first attempt EVER, sooo exciting!

I bought this contraption, it was the only way to get needle felting needles, without waiting forever for them to get here in the mail! I think I got ripped off, it was $22.00.... it has 5 needles in it, and a saftey thing that keeps you from poking yourself when your not using it, which is kind of nice. I took a needle out to try it that way though.

Very scary, very sharp, but so fun!

My silly girl wanted to hold the ball for the picture, I had to hold her hand still I just kept getting blurry ones.

I stole it away for a minute for a better picture, I don't know why I chose to make a blue ball with green dots.... but it's my first thing, and I'm so excited to try more!

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