Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dyeing Sheep roving!! With Koolaid!!

I started with green, lemon lime koolaid, since green is my favorite color... here it is on the stove, you dissolve the color in warm water, rinse your roving in the sink gently, and then place it in the pot, and fill it with water just to cover. Then you bring it to almost a boil, and take it off the burner and let it sit for half an hour. You know it's done when the water is pretty well clear.

The finished green! (this was the middle of the night so, a terribly lit picture)

Then I tried "Icy blue raspberry". I was a bit worried it wouldn't work because the mix was kind of a milky color, but it still sucked all the blue out of it, and left white milky water.

The finished blue...

Both beside eachother, I think they go well. I have purple to try as well, there wasn't a very good selection at the store I went to, so I'll keep my eye out for some more colors.
I can't wait to get some needle felting needles and try it out!

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  1. Cool colors, those are ones I started out with too. :)