Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Big Burger Cake for the Birthday Boy

It'll be Poppa's birthday tomorrow, and since I'll be busy all day cleaning, getting ready for his mommy to come visit and Ellie's Birthday party, I made his cake a day early.

I giant burger! I saw Bob Blumer make one he called the Schamburger on his show before, and had been waiting and waiting for a chance to make it. It's not quite the same, since I didn't have a 9" cake pan to make the brownie center in, but I like it, it's like a Wendy's hamburger now, lol.

It's got sliced almonds for the sesame seeds, the cake is carrot (Poppa's request) and the icing is a can of dunan hines cream cheese frosting, tinted a bit brown for the bun part, and left white for the mayo part. I used some Wilton fondant for the lettuce leaf. It's kind of a fast sloppy job, normally I wouldn't use a can of Icing, but oh well!

I also got a package in the mail today, I love getting things other then the bills......

It was my soap that I ordered on Etsy from Boh Bon Soap company , I can't wait till my nose works again and i can smell it!

I got a bar of kitchen soap, coffee and peppermint..... and a short stack sampler one of five kinds of spicy soaps, mmmmm.....

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