Friday, May 21, 2010

Jillian Michaels, do you love her or hate her?

Around 2 months ago, I signed up to "learn to run 10k", so I started doing a workout DVD 3 times a week. I was doing Tony Hortons 90 day Beach Body at first, I had a DVD I bought for 2 dollars a few years ago, it was nice because it had weight training, and cardio sessions.

I also signed up a couple weeks later for a "90 day challenge" put on by a local radio station. It's pretty neat, the prize is HUGE, but I don't think I stand a chance to win it, I don't have as many inches/lbs to lose as most of the people I saw signing up.

A friend and I started doing the 10K training, and we were doing awesome, but I made the mistake of pushing it too hard one day when I was feeling good, and ended up in crazy pain for over a week from my knees. NOT a good idea to go from never running a day in my life, to trying to run for 20minutes.... So I just toughed it out at home, doing workout DVD's for awhile, switching between Tony Horton and another cardio one I had. I also went to water areobics a few times, so fun!

One day, I'm not sure how it popped into my head, as I'm not a huge "Biggest Loser" fan or anything, I decided I needed the 30 day shred. MAN Jillian kicked my butt! I LOVE her workouts, that they combine cardio and weights at the same time. The level 2 left my knees feeling pretty sore again though, so in incorporated a rebounder (those little trampolines) into my workout for the cardio parts, and so far so good!

Since then I've tried the "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolisim" as well, and all I have to say about that, is if you think The Shred is hard, this one is brutal! The first time I did it I thought I was going to throw up half way through. I've done it around 5 times now, and that feeling has passed, but man it's tough! I tried to get some friends interested in it, but they all think I'm crazy I think. Has anybody else done The Shred, or the BFBM?

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