Thursday, January 28, 2010

Minnie Mouse's Birthday Party

Josie had her party on her actual birthday this year. She's quite the Diva and I didn't want her thinking she got more then one birthday a year, lol! Once she put on her dress in the morning to get ready, she was no longer "Josie" she was "Minnie Mouse". "Momma, I want a snack..." me - "O.K Josie, just wait a sec"... Josie "Momma, I'm not Josie, I'm Minnie Mouse, and Minnie Mouse would like some juice too please".

I made a dairy free cake, it turned out really yummy! Minnie Mouse, on the other hand, looked a bit sun burned. I don't know what I was thinking when I dumped in the amount of "soft peach" wilton food gel coloring. I was very tired, and for some reason I figured, since the color on the jar was so light, that was the lightest it would come out no matter how much I put in, WRONG!.... I didn't have any extra icing left at that point either, crap!

Terrible lighting, but if you can imagine, it only got worse after I put it in the fridge for the night... like she stayed up in a tanning bed while we slept.

This was not what I had originally planned to do, this was my "Oh my god it's 2am and her party is tomorrow morning!!" make due thing... I had wanted to cut out a whole bunch of circles like I did for Ellie's sign, but time slipped away.

This was her Halloween Costume, when I made it I had this party in mind. She LOOOOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a passion, she'd watch it from the minute she woke up, till she went to bed if you let her. Ellie was Daisy Duck for Halloween, and I wanted her to sort of be a toned down version of her at the party, but I couldn't find the beak and headband with bow I made her at Halloween.... but that's what's up with the crazy yellow tights.

We had quite the turn out though, it was a great party!
And she didn't take that dress off for TWO days! She'd still be wearing it if I hadn't wrestled it off of her for her bath, LoL!

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